Angela Barker

Angela Barker, also known by her artist name Angie the Rose, is inspired by the micro-universe that resides in us all. Painting molecular forms and interactions using bright colors, texture, and the evocative movements inspired by the original Abstract Expressionists, she has created a series that gives acknowledgment to the moving parts of her daily life.

The ‘Molecular Series’ was conceptualized when she first read about the newest photos that NASA was receiving from Voyager 2 back in 2014 and then a Startalk conversation between Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Carolyn Porco about the Cassini mission. Amazed by what scientists are discovering in the planetary bodies near and far from us, she began pondering about the internal mechanisms, our internal universe’s, that make our bodies move and work.

Each painting is a diary entry of the moment when it was created. All the paintings are based upon Angie the Rose’s personal relationship and intuitive, sensitive understanding of her own body and the beings within.