Save these important dates!

We had a great time in Atlanta at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market  July 13-17, 2017.  Thank you to all of the clients that came by to visit and buy.

Another exceptional trunk show was held at the Charlotte B. D. Jeffries Store on May 19th & 20th, 2017.  A big thank you to the store for hosting the show!

Lucky Fish Gallery was at the B. D. Jeffries Store in Atlanta at Powers Ferry Sq. on May 11th through May 13th.   Thank You to Brad, Debbie and staff for the very successful show!

We had an outstanding special show at Meg Brown Home Furnishings in March!  Thank you to all that came by and especially to Meg Brown Home!


We also had a wonderful show at American Eye, Washington Design Center in February .  Thank you American Eye for hosting our show and to the many customers that attended!



HIGH POINT INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE  MARKET                                                                          

FALL 2017:  October 14-18, 2017


Test of Time               Urban Sky Living, 36x48 each

Reine's White Horse, 45x60          Taking Chances

Abstract Wooden Blocks, 48x60           Amadaly, 48x60

Color Blocks, 22x26                    Face It, 48x60

Pennants              100_2738C

100_2879           Abstract Impressionism I

Cherry Blossoms IV               Miami

100_2746A                   King, Queen & Lamb

Into the Mystic            Calculating the Numbers           The Portrait

Purple Rain, 2                   Elle Decor Photo (2)

Golden Panther                    7822_SeriesRS_0410[1]

The Night Wind Series X                    IMG_1898


Lee Showroom...Elephant