Budd Lane


Budd grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied art at Tufts University and Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

He and his wife, Madelyn, moved to Washington DC in 1960 and finally settled in the Dupont
Circle area where he lived for 45 years. Both became very active in community affairs and were members of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association and the Ward 2 Democrats where Budd at one time served as Chairman.

Initially employed in the insurance sector, Budd eventually entered his major area of interest. He
was engaged as an art teacher at the Burgundy Farm Country Day School in Alexandria, Virginia
in the 1960’s and as an instructor at the Saturday program of the Corcoran School of Art, headed
by Jack Perlmutter, his friend and mentor. He later succeeded Mr. Perlmutter in that position.
Appointed by Mayor Anthony Williams, Budd served as a commissioner on the DC
Commissions on the Arts and Humanities.

Budd Lane

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