Chip Holton

Chip Holton is a Lexington artist and sculptor of some regional renown who’s art is hanging in many places in North Carolina.

Chip’s art is hanging in many places in North Carolina. It’s on the walls of libraries, restaurants, and museums. His portfolio is vast and diverse.

All of the artwork in the Proximity Hotel and the O.Henry Hotel was produced by Chip.    The sketches on the backs of the chairs at Printworks Bistro in Greensboro look like Matisse reproductions or mass produced prints.  But they are all original, and they’re all different.  You’ll also find Chip’s work at Lucky 32 Restaurant.

Holton grew up in Lexington, N.C.  His mother was an artist, and she taught her son how to draw.  There are a few moments in his life Holton remembers focusing with such intent as he did when he was a child, sitting on the floor, drawing for hours.  In high school, his teachers took his pencil away, so he could concentrate in class.

Chip graduated from North Carolina State.  After graduating, he moved to Greensboro to study art at UNCG.  While creating his thesis, a series of portraits, he found the concentration he’d had as a child.  He spent hours painting without interruption.  After graduating,, he moved to Italy.  Holton now resides in North Carolina and is currently the “artist-in-residence” at the O.Henry Hotel.

Chip has created sketches, landscapes, watercolors, portraits, murals and sculptures.

The art appears in lobbies and elevators, on the ceilings and walls.

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Chip Holton - Artist
Chip Holton - Artist

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