Erik Knight

Erik Knight lives in Madison, North Carolina.

Erik Knight was born in Madison, North Carolina in 1969. He has a BFA from his studies at East Carolina University.

Artist Statement:
An artist collects together stuff that is actually part of their art and internal world over years… it can’t be just thrown out…those things are keys to future works and creations.

I feel that I haven’t only collected materials for the works I make but experience.
It’s not so much my experiences that shape me as an artist as much as how I choose to respond.  Surprisingly, one of my favorite artists of all time was Giotto.  I love his style.  He actually set the Renaissance in motion…paved the way, but it wasn’t so much that which I loved about the man.  When it came to competing for a spot in the light, other artist were trying to show off, impress somebody…maybe themselves, maybe their friends.  Giotto could care less.  He had the experience and wisdom not to fall into that trap.  Sure, he could paint with the best of the best and show up whoever he wanted, but he knew better.  He kept to task of making a complete work and not throwing around skills that weren’t necessary or distracting to the objective…the creation of a mature insightful complete work that would stand on it’s on.
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Erik Knight - Artist

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