Leanne Pizio

Leanne Pizio is a potter and painter interested in creating art about life, animals, birds, kings and queens, fairy tales, and the like.

Leanne Pizio was born in Burlington NC and grew up with 3 sisters, 2 wonderful parents, and many fun animals. She went to UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated with a B.A. in Art and a B.A. in Psychology.

Later she attended UNC-Greensboro and received an M.F.A. in 1995. Having worked many different jobs through the years to support her work Leanne is now happy to be able to work at home full time in her studio.  In 2002, she married a super fantastic man and moved to a log cabin in the country where they have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 7 chickens. Leanne participates in many shows in this area but also travels to California for shows in the spring and fall.

Leanne has perfected the sgraffito technique which involves coating pottery and scratching off parts to achieve an intricate design.

Additionally, Leanne leaves no surface unadorned. The back side of her work is usually as intricately detailed as the front! Designs on her pottery include dreamy Alice-in-Wonderland like characters, rabbits, crows, owls. Currently, she is smitten with her 100 tall, “wonky” bottle project, two of which are in the upper right hand corner.

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Leanne Pizio - Artist

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