Nikifor Sviristukhin

Artist of Moldova. Nikifor uses the freedom of expression to expose the essence of his art, his paintings being rather spiritual transcriptions.

Nikifor Sviristukhin was born in 1965, on the coast of the Dnepr River in the family of the famous painter Gheorge Ostapenco. In 1982 was admitted to and in 1993 graduated from the Art and Graphic faculty in Chisinau, Moldova.

Personal Exhibitions:

In 1994 his first personal exhibit was organized: “City Ballads”, where the works executed by the artist’s methods of the associative analysis were exhibited. The exhibitions “Moon Blues” and “Violet Twilight” continue the development of the same method. The artist was repeatedly exhibited at local and international exhibitions.

Nikifor Sviristukhin’s most recent personal exhibition was 2005 National Museum, Bucharest, Romania

Nikifor Sviristukhin - Artist
Nikifor Sviristukhin - Artist

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